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Class Supplies

It's great to include an audio class on cd, starter kit flyer, business card, product sample and instructions for ordering. 
These purple bags are 5.5x8.6'' and perfect for holding a CD,  Flyer, and samples to hand out at classes and prospects you see.
Essential Oils 101 and Toxin Free Life Audio Classes can be burned to CD's and handed out to prospects and at classes.
Covers for CD's. Labels with Starter Kit ordering instructions can be added to the back with your Member #.
Use these labels to print step by step instructions for ordering the Premium Starter Kit. Place the label on the back of the CD Cover. Click Here for an Example.
This is another great option. It includes the Premium Starter Kit on one side and Essential Rewards info on the other. 
Another great option with the starter kit on the front and oil descriptions on the back. Click the link and scroll down the page until you see Item #FL096.
Another great option for your purple bags. They contain the starter kit on the front and a description of the oils on the back.
Sample Supplies
adding a sample or roll-on to your purple bags is a great idea. These are some of the supplies we use to create these samples but feel free to browse the internet to find other options as well.
Inhalers are great to give to new members who buy their kit or you can add them to your purple bags to give out at classes or prospects you run into.
These 5 ml bottles are great for samples of massage oils, serums, V6 carrier oil and any other liquid products Young Living offers. 
These 5 ml jars are great for samples of face creams, pain cream,  and ointment. It will hold 
1 tsp of product. You can get 50 of them for around $10.
These 10 ml purple sample jars will hold 2 tsp of product and are twice as big as the clear ones. 
These small roll-on bottles are great for samples. 
You can make a large blend with carrier oil and essential oils then transfer to these smaller bottles to share with prospects, 
family and friends.
These bottles are larger and hold 10 ml or 2 tsp of oil. They are great to give to new members to get them started and add to purple bags as classes. 
These bottles are great for making room sprays, linen sprayer and could be used for Thieves Cleaner samples as well. The hold 2 oz of liquid. 
This small spray bottle would be great for a breath spray, or any other spray. It would work for small thieves cleaner samples or room or pillow spray. It holds less than a tsp of product.
Bulk Supplies
If you like shopping for the best deal, these are our favorite places for bulk supplies online.
Bulk Apothecary is a great place to buy bulk supplies like plastic containers for sugar scrubs, plastic spray bottles and much more. The lowest quantity you can order is 50.
Glass Bottle Outlet has great prices on glass bottles, and roll-on bottles and other containers. The more you buy the better the price of course.
Abundant Health carries all kinds of containers as well as flyers, and educational material and essential oil reference guides.
Life Science Publishing carries all kinds of essential oil containers and accessories. They also carry essential oil reference guides and training materials. 
printing your own labels for CD's, flyers and samples can be done easily by visiting AVERY.COM
These Avery 6450 labels are great for sample jars and containers. You can easily design and print them at
These Avery 8257 labels work great for the landscape Starter Kit Flyers above. Add your contact info and print directly from
These Avery 22804 labels are great for printing super cute labels for roll-on bottles and other make-n-take products. Design and print directly from
These Avery 22830 labels are perfect for round lids for sugar scrubs, bath salts, etc. Be sure to measure your lids first to make sure the labels will fit. Design and print directly from
Downloads & Printables
These tools and printouts are available to download and print at your convenience. 
This 101 script can be edited and adjusted to your voice. Use it to teach your Young Living Classes and welcome new members. 
This presentation will go right along with your Essential Oils 101 script if you choose to use it. Personalize it with your story. 
Sign up Sheet for Closing Classes
Pass this sheet around the room after your closing to create a no-pressure sign up process for your attendees. 
Print and hand out this enrollment form at classes. It can make things go smoothly when you don't have computers handy or have multiple sign-ups.
Print and pass around these raffle entries when doing a giveaway at your classes. 
Print this chart to help new members dilute their essential oils properly.
Young Living's Income Disclosure is a great tool to share with potential business builders. 
Downloadable PDF with all of Young Living's New Products!
Questions or concerns, email us at
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